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About Tareta

About Tareta

Who we are?

We are a 3 year young technology solutions company, trying to integrate a number of technologies – hardware like Barcode + RFID/NFC + software + business process engineering + analytics – to solve some key industry problems. Since our inception, we have developed 3 product platforms in the areas of asset management, business process automation and IT asset tracking. We have implemented these solutions for various clients, big and small. We have a 10 member team comprising of both junior and senior people with significant cumulative experience in the above technology areas, as well as necessary hardware partnerships in place.

What problems do we solve?

1. Making SMEs of India more professional

SMEs have a need for keeping better track of their asset classes in order to forecast, plan and budget better. However there are no easy to deploy and affordable solutions for them to do so. We have hence developed out-of-the-box solutions where we bundled our software products, printed barcodes and a low cost pre-programmed reader to sell to SMEs as do-it-yourself kits. The kits get SMEs into the habit of capturing and digitizing asset information regularly and planning the business based on that information. Given the number of SMEs in India with access to the internet (~1.3 million); this hence represents a huge market.

2. Improving production efficiencies of manufacturing companies

For any manufacturing plant, there are a number of areas where our solutions can unlock value. These are areas such as indexing of incoming parts from vendors for reduced sorting time / better stores management through improved storage and retrieval / improving dispatch times from the yard etc. All these solutions involve deploying hardware for auto-identification and data capture and linking that information through software to existing business workflows.

3. Providing IT/ITES companies achieve better compliance

Given multiple laptops with sensitive client information spread across multiple facilities, these companies need a better way to physically track movement of laptops for better compliance. Combining RFID tags/readers and syncing captured data with server based employee information; we deployed a solution which allows security guards to authenticate asset/user combinations through Android device displays.


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